Incessant Quest

everest-movie-624x452Last weekend my wife and I rented the movie Everest to watch in the comfort of our own home. We knew we were getting ourselves into an adventure and journey in the quest to climb Everest, but I wasn’t prepared for the main theme God wanted to impress upon my heart in watching this movie.

The theme didn’t really reveal itself to me until well after the movie was over and then it came blasting into my head, heart and soul. It was the “incessant quest” for significance that humanity seeks in life.

Scott Fisher and Rob Hall, lead guides for the ill-fated Everest climb, had led teams of climbers in reaching the summit several times. Rob’s wife was expecting as he planned this climb in the spring of 1996. She pleaded with him to delay the trip until after the birth of their first child. The “incessant quest” had it’s grip on him. He had to summit one more time. You can rent the movie to learn about the outcome of this decision.

Dr. Kelly Flanagan, in his latest blogpost titled; The Thing We Are All Searching For (and where to find it), quotes actor Jim Carrey regarding the incessant quest; “I am two-time Golden Globe winner Jim Carrey. You know, when I go to sleep at night, I’m not just a guy going to sleep. I’m two-time Golden Globe winner Jim Carrey, going to get some well-needed shuteye. And when I dream, I don’t just dream any old dream. No, sir. I dream about being three-time Golden Globe winning actor Jim Carrey. Because then I would be enough. It would finally be true. And I could stop this terrible search for what I know ultimately won’t fulfill me.”

Wow! He nails it. The incessant quest for significance won’t fulfill us. Dr. Flanagan states that many of us eventually become aware that the quest is fruitless. He says;

It turns out, peace doesn’t happen when you find what you’re looking for; peace is what happens when you call off the terrible search for what you already have. 


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