3 ways to lose relational traction in 2016

Do you want to send your relationship on a downward spiral to begin the year 2016?

If yes, here are the answers to the questions…

  1. Live in the land of “should of’s”
  2. Defend yourself by blaming
  3. Show indifference in the middle of a conversation

In reality, none of us want to send our relationships into a death spiral at any time, especially in beginning a new year. Our hope is that we begin something new and sustain it. So…in living in the “new” here is what we can do…

1. Only look back to go forward.

We can look at the past, learn from it, saying no to living in the remorse of the “should of”, taking responsibility for the circumstance, and then live forward in the present.

2. Be aware of defensiveness which leads to blaming.

Awareness is huge! Don’t ignore the Holy Spirit’s voice. Listen, He will show you defensiveness. Blaming prevents us from seeing ourselves honestly and stops us from living in humility. Blaming builds walls, grace and humility attract.

3. Indifference is a icy cold wind that drives a wedge in relationships.

Indifference can look like withdrawal, diving into the “screen” when another is trying to communicate with you, etc. Combat this with attunement; truly being present for the other person. Listening with heartfelt compassion is another way of saying it.

Happy New Year! There is more to come!





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