Heroes, Villians and being upside/down


I recently went to see the latest Hobbit movie at a local theater. My friend and I were running late which meant we’d miss most of the trailers to the new movies coming out soon. However, we managed to see at least 5 trailers and in all of them I discovered a common theme. It was not a new theme…yet it struck me that this old theme is being delivered to us over and over again in these times. The theme is that of good vs. evil, hero vs. villian, and the heroine is also part of the story.

The hero in most of these movies is a man of supernatural abilities, powers and compassion for others. Of course today what sells is big clashes of power, lots to boom and special effects. The heroine is naturally gorgeous sexy and strong, holding her own in the story. This is Hollywood and I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t the pulse of our culture today. Hollywood is usually dialed in on the themes that sell tickets at the box office.

There is another story that features a hero a heroine and a villian that doesn’t play in Hollywood, yet it is the story that makes most sense when you really dig into it.


Are you familiar with all aspects of this story, the story of Jesus? It has all the components of the Hollywood stories for today, and it is even more radical, more supernatural, more upside/down.


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