I can’t be enough

Striving for perfection is a sure way to ignite our shame. Somehow thinking this is attainable is a death trap mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Spiritually speaking this striving leads to disillusionment with God and distance in relationships with others. 

The Superman emblem caught my attention is this graphic, as I always wanted to be like Superman. I’m talking the Superman of the 50’s and 60’s, not the new highly buffed, super-stud rendition of today. He presented a standard of perfection for me.
The reality, as Natalie Grant’s song shares, is that there is no such person, no human standard of perfection. However, if I’m not willing to be vulnerable with others, I won’t discover this truth and will continue to compare and strive to please others. I will give tons of attention to the voice of shame and be plagued by wrong beliefs and life choices. This will affect my relationships, the love of self, the ability to give and receive love, and live a life of freedom.

God offers me this life…his essence is love. There is so much confusion around this very truth. Let’s talk about all the confusion and seek some clarity.


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