The voice of shame


Brene Brown in her TED: Talk mentions shame is not the same as guilt. I think we get those two things turned around when we try to explain them. I like her simple explanation,

guilt says I did something bad, but shame says I am bad

. There can be a couple of voices that whisper in our shame stories, but they are always focused on self. The voice that whispered to me in my kitchen sink plumbing adventure a few weeks ago was this one,

you idiot, why did you even think you could fix this problem, you really aren’t good enough and handy enough to even try!

This voice usually prevents me from trying and sends me into a funk, where I will go to the TV, flip through the channels, find a game on and lose myself for a few hours. Then later, I’ll call the plumber. How about you? What do you do with the voice of shame? What can we do?

Do you know what Adam and Eve did in the garden of Eden. Read Genesis chapter 3, and yes, there is some history for all of us to understand here. More to come on that, stay tuned…


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