Shame…seeking an antidote

I found Brene Brown’s TED:Talk very interesting. Shame is an interesting subject to explore, but not an appealing one to most of us. I know it is there; I get frustrated and angry when I act and react out of my shame, but I just as soon quickly put it away in a box and not deal with it.

However, trying to put it in a box doesn’t deal with shame. Putting in in a box just prolongs the inevitable, another outburst, usually triggered by a stressful situation that is bound to come up in life.

Brene Brown suggests in her TED:Tallk, “Listening to Shame”, that vulnerability is the key to dealing with shame. In vulnerability we take the risk to live openly with others and share our shameful feelings, risking to live courageously in our relationships. What do you think?

What are the voices in your head that shame produces?

What does the Bible teach us about shame?Have you found any answers for dealing with shame in God’s Word, the Bible?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Next time I will share how shame often gets triggered in me and I will share what I’ve discovered in the Bible.


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