Listening to Shame

I think a huge way we “lose ourselves” is when we live out of shame. Everyone has a shame story. The Bible reveals shame’s origin in Chapter 3 of Genesis. Pick up a Bible and read it for yourself. When we dive into our self-centeredness now, we hurt others and others hurt us and these actions ultimately produce shame. I heard Brene Brown on a recent TED: Talk share of her research on shame. She gives an excellent explanation here:

There is an antitdote to our shame…do you know what it is? Brene Brown suggests vulnerability and empathy, and I think she is on the right track for sure, but how do we get there? She mentions risk and I say yes, yes, yes! She mentions risking is the most courageous thing we can do and again I say, yes, yes, yes! I think there is a gift which is the root for courageousness. More on this next time…your thoughts?


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