don’t lose yourself

“To love is not to possess, To own or imprison, Nor to lose one’s self in another. Love is to join and separate, To walk alone and together, To find a laughing freedom.” The writer James Kavanaugh emphasizes to love well one must remain separate, know oneself and love self. This is difficult to understand, as we’ve always been taught not to be selfish, “get over yourself.”

Being selfish or self-centered actually doesn’t demonstrate a love of self. When Jesus says, “love your neighbor as yourself, and states that this is one of the two greatest commandments, he is talking about receiving his love and thus loving everything about how he has created you. He does!

One of the tools that God used to show me the beauty of His creating me, and helped me to love myself; is the Flag Page. Go to: and check it out. It will help you to discover all that is wonderful about you, and not “lose yourself” in another person.


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