Falling Out of Love

I read this on a Mark Gungor email, “marriage tips”. I think we can discuss this a little more in the coming weeks. Check it out…

So many people actually think that marriage will be easy; that it will be a skip through the meadow with the orchestra playing a love song in the background. They think that the emotional high and buzz they experience at the beginning of dating or marriage will always be there. They think, “Our love is true love and it will never fade!” That’s why so many people become disillusioned once they get into marriage – and sometimes it doesn’t take very long at all. They think that they have “fallen out of love” with their spouse once the flames of passion begin to die down to a smoldering ember.

Of course our feelings change over time.

There is no way that the initial euphoria can go on and on. It has to give way to a deeper and more mature kind of love. Let’s continue to talk about this…your thoughts on the keys to long lasting relationships?


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