The Last Minute

It happened to me again. Why is it that interesting and more meaningful conversations most often happen when time is running out? On the airplane coming back to the U.S. from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; I sat next to two college aged women the entire flight. Towards the end of the flight, they began talking about their experience in the D. R. I listened for awhile and finally chimed in when I heard, what I thought I heard anyway, Barahona.

It turns out that is not what she said, but I entered the conversation with that opening, as I had been in Barahona for almost 8 weeks. I had a great chat with the two of them, one was a Peace Corp. worker who was returning to her home for two weeks. She is serving in the D.R. for two years. The other young lady was on a vacation with friends.

Anyway…the three way conversation went on for a few more minutes and then the announcement to “put your tray tables and seat backs in upright position”…in preparation for landing. The conversation, relational traction, was beginning to happen and then time was up. Has that ever happened to you? Has it happened to you when someone of significance in your life is gravely ill and you feel compelled to have a more intimate conversation with them?

Why do we (I) wait? Relational Traction doesn’t have to wait. What are your thoughts?


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