Fashioning a mask

Mask wearing is an isidious game we humans play to cover up for the belief that we are not performing up to someone’s standards. We say things to ourselves like, “i’m just not good enough”, I’ll never be as good as ________.” “If only I could get a break, I would show them.” “You should have seen me when I ___________.” ” You just don’t understand and if you were in my shoes you _____________________.”

There are many other phrases that run through our minds that trigger the production of a mask. It is taylor made for the situation or circumstances of our life. I put it on and everything is just fine. My mask shows and tells you that I do matter, I am measuring up…all is okay, see I’m performing, getting it done just like you are today.

So…the mask goes on and people go away or at least keep their distance. They assume that I’m okay, just fine. Inside I feel okay temporarily and get back to business, getting things done, performing. Inside, however, I’m dying because the love that can heal my heart is pushed away. I can’t recieve love from others; only my mask receives love.

My friend John Lynch answers; Why do I hide? this way in a talk he gave some time ago.

My question for you, are you hiding, wearing a mask? Would you like to experience freedom from your mask? If we experience love in the process of meeting needs, and your mask intercepts this love before it gets to your heart, would you be willing to explore something new and different? Stay tuned!


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