Giving and Relational Traction

Last weekend I had the amazing experience of wandering through a pretty large mall in the Seattle area. Whoa! The people watching was at a premium and I’m sure people who were watching me would say the same. I was mesmorized by the sounds in the mall, a variety of music depending on which store you were in, the buzz of conversation, and the bustling of folks moving from one store to the next. I couldn’t help but think that some of all this craziness was motivated by a giving spirit at Christmas.

Yet…what if we set aside the material giving and gave ourselves. Then I read this in response to  Jim Daly’s blogpost titled, “Its a Wonderful Life“:

I would love to donate but we have nothing to give this year.  I can only offer my prayers and love to people.  So many families are going through hard times this year. We have been taking advantage of being together as a family.  Extra Cuddling and Loves goes allot further than toys.  Baking Cookies, taking a walk or short ride to look at Christmas Lights or the whole family watching a movie together…

Wow! An example of a family giving themselves to each other this Christmas season. I think this will provide Relational Traction for years and years to come, long after the toys and trinkets become outdated and out of focus. How might you give yourself away this Christmas?


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