Trust and Truth

“T” n “T” will bring traction in relationships. Oh no…you might be thinking about dynamite as I use the letters T n T…no I’m not talking about dynamite. I’m talking about Trust and Truth. These two are essentials in building relational traction, which will lead us into experiencing joy. To begin with we must place our faith not in ourselves but in Jesus Christ, the One who radically remakes us, by faith/trust. It all starts here with faith/trust.The picture above is of my dear friend John Lynch, with Monique and her friend Teresa,  I encourage you to go to watch a brief video, titled “Caterpillars and Butterflies”, where he explains this truth that comes by faith. Do you believe it is possible to receive new “DNA” from God? Why are so many people hiding today and not living out of their new “DNA”?


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